I started this business because I have solar panels on my own home and I know the importance of proper maintenance, especially semi-annual cleaning. Solar panels are wonderful, but they also create a big problem and the perfect home for pigeons. So bird proofing is a must if you have solar panels on your home. Bird waste is very hazardous to your health, with over 62 different diseases in it, including parasites and salmonella.


We are the best at what we do because customer satisfaction is everything to us. A happy customer is a returning customer and the best for referrals. We specialize solar panel cleaning and solar panel bird proofing. Other services we provide are pressure washing and exterior window cleaning, as well as overspray paint removal from solar panels.


We only use manufacturer approved materials and procedures in everything we do. From DI water to clean your solar panels, to manufacturer approved bird mesh material for bird proofing your solar panels. We go the extra mile for our clients and we love doing it. Use our services and see the difference. Call now for your free estimate.