John L.

Via Facebook

Great service. They took their time and finally cured my pigeon problem. I had a great experience with this team.

Joseph P.

Desahwn is extremely intelligent and has a great attitude! His company did a great job and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing Solar Panel cleaning as well as Bird Proofing their Solar Panel System!

Paul H.

Did a great job cleaning the panels today. I didn’t realize how dirty they were until the before and after pics. Also, did a great job cleaning all the bird waste and debris out from under the panels. Thank you! Fast, friendly, and efficient.

Karon O.

They were very professional and friendly. They made my panels look like new again. They had to go over them 5 times to get that rain haze and dirt off since we habe never had them cleaned in 5 years. But this will be something we will have done every year.